Al Wasl in yellow and Ittihad Kalba in dark gray in the semi-finals of the President’s Cup

Today, the technical meeting was held at the Sharjah Club headquarters for the match between Al-Wasl and Ittihad Kalba, which will be held the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, at the Sharjah Club Stadium in the semi-finals of the President’s Cup.

The meeting, which was attended by match observer Hussein Mohammed Al Balushi, referee evaluator Badr Al Badri, security coordinator Bilal Faraj Al Nuaimi, media coordinator Ali Rashid Al Naqbi and representatives of the two teams, discussed the technical and organizational aspects of the match, a general review of the competition regulations, and other marketing and media matters.

During the meeting, the colors of the two teams were approved during the match, as Al-Wasl players will wear yellow shirts, while Ittihad Kalba players will wear dark grey. It was also stressed the need to adhere to what was stated in the regulations for registering players and members of the technical and administrative bodies, in addition to determining the entry gates for fans of each team. a team.

It should be noted that if the regular time of the match ends in a tie, two additional halves will be played, and if the tie continues, penalty shoot-out kicks will be used to determine the winning team.