Integrated system policy

The vision of the Kalba Football Association Club is to make the club a symbol of sporting excellence in all the games that the club adopts at the local, regional and global levels and to strive to develop its players in accordance with the vision and perspective planned by the management while ensuring the consideration and commitment of all employees, players, administrative and technical staff and the commitment of the parties that The club officially contracts or agrees with it – to host a sporting or cultural event – with global quality, environmental, health and occupational safety standards in all our operations stipulated in various administrative and technical activities in an effective manner. This policy focuses our attention on the following:
– Achieving customer satisfaction and their needs by implementing an integrated management system that complies with international standards (9001, 14001, 45001)
– Providing appropriate resources, instructions and training for service operation in a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly manner
– Training, promoting, motivating and developing our human resources in technical and technical skills, and on the integrated management system policy and ensuring its implementation and development.
– Developing the internal ability to define goals and tasks, develop processes and services to implement them, and deliver them effectively and efficiently.
– Empowering and involving all stakeholders in understanding and implementing the required policies, by providing all the necessary resources to ensure the effective implementation of our policy.
– Management’s commitment to participate, i.e. involving employees and, where applicable, employee representatives, in the decision-making processes of the OHS management system.
– Commitment to protecting the environment from pollution and making efforts to make workplaces free of any risks or injuries that affect the environment, health and occupational safety, in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations in the United Arab Emirates, especially the Emirate of Sharjah.
– Ensure that EHS and sustainability objectives have the same value as strategic objectives.
– Identify all risks to the environment, occupational health and safety standards, address them, and work to reduce their effects.
– Disseminate this policy and increase awareness of its importance among internal and external customers.
– Ensure periodic review of this policy within the integrated management system.
– Promote continuous improvement and set Quality & Environment, Health and Safety objectives in line with the Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management System. These objectives will address the organization’s context (internal/external issues, needs and expectations of interested parties), risks and opportunities.

Chairman of Board of Directors
Muhammad Obaid Al Yamahi