Kalba Union announces the contract with Khaled Al Darmaki

The former player of the Al Dhafra team, Khaled Al Darmaki, officially joined the ranks of Ittihad Kalba in a free transfer deal after the end of his contract with Al Dhafra. Ittihad Kalba Club stated on its official Twitter account, yesterday, that the player will wear shirt No. 24, which is the number

The same one that the player kept wearing during his career with Al Dhafra. Ittihad Kalba’s contract with Khaled Al Darmaki (31 years) is a strengthening of the team’s midfield, especially since the latter remained one of the main pillars of the Al Dhafra team, and he played 177 matches, including 18 in the last season.

Al Darmaki had received a number of offers during the last period, before completing his official transfer to the ranks of Ittihad Kalba, and Al Darmaki is one of four other players whose contracts with Al Dhafra expired at the end of the season, along with Khaled Butti, Sultan Al Ghafri and Muhammad Ismail Al Junaibi.

Al Darmaki will wear the same number 24 with Kalba, with his former team, Al Dhafra.